Travel Sessions

Varsity Team: Rising Juniors & Seniors
Junior Varsity: Rising Freshmen & Sophomores

Apex Lacrosse is a year round program but we understand that every player may not be able to make every practice. We created a way for parents and players to save money by offering sessions.

Apex offers three sessions throughout the calendar year, which are offered in the fall, winter, and summer. Sessions are a way for players and parents to choose which sessions they want to or can be apart of. In short you could only be apart of the summer session, that is all you would have to sign up for. If your son is a year round lacrosse player, then I could be apart of all three sessions!

Session Examples

Summer Session

  • 14 Outdoor Practices
  • Team Training Camp @ Cool Springs (Bethel Park)
  • 3 Tournaments
  • Recruiting Guidance
  • Summary
    • 3 Coaches per team!
    • 2 sets of custom sublimated jerseys.
    • This is the biggest time of the year for travel lacrosse programs. Many players come and join the summer session to get exposed to college coaches. With this in mind, Apex lacrosse is committed to put its players in the best position to succeed. For this upcoming summer will start our journey at Saint Vincent College with a team training camp. This will help accelerate our team chemistry by fitting in six two-hour practices in two & half days. Once we are done at Saint Vincent, our practices will move to Bethel Park High School for the rest of the summer. Then the team will compete at three tournaments for the summer as well! Contact Coach Riesmeyer for more details!

Fall Session

  • Outdoor Practices
  • 3¬†Practices
  • Recruiting Guidance
  • 2 Tournament In November
  • Summary
    • This is the time of the year where many players are just looking to find a way to keep a stick in their hand. We will have a few team practices and then travel to a tournament. Playing in the fall is also a great way for seniors to get a few last looks from some college coaches!

Winter Session

  • Indoor Practice Facility, TBA
  • 7 Practices
  • Summary
    • These indoor practices are the best of both worlds. The practices are two hours long but are broken down into two components. The first hour is a skills clinic; meaning players fundamental skills are each position will be continuously refined. The last hour is a box lacrosse game but it is controlled. By this we mean, we continue to coach and ensure players are continuously building good lacrosse habits.