Private Lessons

Apex Lacrosse is committed to helping players to continuously grow their skill sets. Private lessons are a great way to receive individual attention, allowing a greater amount of development in a shorter time frame. Players are more than welcome to have buddies come along with them to make a group private session!

Whether you are a new player or an older player looking to fine to tune your skill set. We have a coach that is ready to work with you. Each position has a certain skill set and Apex lacrosse has the coaches to ensure that skill set is taught properly.

If you wish to have your son enrolled into some private lessons. Please contact Coach Riesmeyer to inquire more details.  (Prices are negotiable)


Coach Riesmeyer

  • Defensive Specialist
    • Close Defense & LSM/Middie Defense
    • Goalie
    • Defensive & Goalie Footwork
    • Defensive & Goalie Stick Skills

Coach Crum

  • Offensive Specialist
    • Attackmen & Middies
    • Shooting & Feeding
    • Offensive Footwork
    • Offensive Stick Skills